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The Smith's

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The Smith's

  1. We started Four Paws Family on October 1, 2018! Its been four amazing years so far!

  2. We have a son named Quinton who was born in Spain in November 2021.

  3. Jess was the Director of the Humane Society of Wickenburg from Feb. 2016 - April 2018

  4. Eric is a chef and worked at Jake's Spoon for almost 5 years when we lived in Wickenburg

  5. We are each other's soulmates and have been married for 6 years

  6. We have two rescue pups named Luna & Roscoe who are about 10 years old.

  7. Jess is also a Zumba Instructor and loves to dance!

  8. We love traveling and this year we will be visiting Prague, London, Valencia Spain & More!

  9. We are learning Spanish while living in Spain (poco a poco)

  10. Starting Four Paws Family Pet Sitting is a dream come true for us and we are beyond blessed to have you on our website today!

The Booking Process

If you're a NEW CLIENT, read ALL about the booking process and how to get started with our online system by clicking below

If you're a CURRENT CLIENT, simply click below to log in. From there, you can request a reservation, update your pet's info, or make a payment!


Meet The Team

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