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General Q's

General Questions

Why should I join the Four Paws Family Membership Program? 

If you are an avid traveler that travels more than 24 days a year our membership program is for you! With your annual membership of $120 you receive 7 exclusive member only benefits that includes $5 off every service night/day booked for every pet. You also gain access to our bulk packages with gives you an additonal 5% off when you buy any service in bulk and up front.  Please click our membership tab below to learn more :)


Why should we trust you with our pet(s)? 

We have been house and pet sitting in and around Wickenburg for the last five years.  We have cared for more than 227 animals on 950 different occasions. In addition, Jessica was also the former Executive Director for the Humane Society of Wickenburg where she saved and worked with hundreds of animals.


Each and every Four Paws Family team members has cared for pets of all sizes, ages and breeds from young pups that need constant exercise, to gracefully aging pets that need daily medications.  We absolutely love caring for your pets and we are so passionate about the services we provide. 

Do you only care for dogs and cats?  

Our primary clients are dogs and cats but we also care for a variety of small animals including horses, chickens, turtles and more. Please contact us by email at: email if you have a family with an assortment of animals to receive your custom quote! 

Is Four Paws Family an insured and bonded business? 

Yes we are. Kennel Pro is our insurance provider.

Should I tip my pet sitter?

We do NOT require tips for any services we provide but they are always welcome. You can leave a tip through our online booking portal when you book your service(s) or by cash or check at time of service.

What is your key exchange process for House Sitting & Drop-In Visits? 

We are here to accommodate you and will access your home in the manner that you request.  The most common options are to provide us with a spare key or front door code.  We just ask that we have a back up access point just in case the first access point does not work for whatever reason. For example, if you would like us to access your home with a front door code we would also like the code to the garage door just in case the front door code does not work. 

What is your cancellation policy? 

If the Client(s) must cancel any service they must contact Four Paws Family Pet Sitting directly.


Four Paws Family Pet Sitting reserves the right to charge the Client 100% of the total fees if the Client cancels with less than 24 hours prior to any scheduled service. If the Client cancels any service two weeks prior to the scheduled service, they will receive their 20% deposit back in full. If the Client cancels any service less than two weeks prior to the scheduled service the Client will NOT receive their deposit back.


Client agrees to email Four Paws Family Pet Sitting for any and all changes needed to be made to an existing service booked. Four Paws Family Pet Sitting shall accept or deny the change(s) within 48 hours of receiving the email. All changes, will take effect in the client portal and the Client will be able to access them at any time.

There will be no refunds for early returns from vacations. Four Paws Family Pet Sitting will be as flexible as possible based on unforeseen circumstances (family emergency, inclement weather, etc.)

Do you have pet(s) of your own? 

Of course we do! We have two small rescue children with four paws, Roscoe Roo Smith and Luna Bear Smith.  (Of course they have middle names because they are truly our children.) They were actually our inspiration for starting Four Paws Family Pet Sitting. Many of our team members have pet(s) as well!

Can I book my services online?

All Clients are required to place all booking requests through the online booking platform on our website. This booking portal is provided by Kennel Booker, a professional kennel software company.

Can I book my services over the phone, through e-mail or via text messaging?

Unfortunately NO. 


In order to streamline all booking requests and ensure fair, accurate and organized reservations, we only accept booking requests through our online booking software, KennelBooker. 

What are the payment options for all services?

We accept cash, check and all major credit cards through our secure online platform Stripe (which is exactly like PayPal). You can pay easily online once a booking is confirmed.

Who does the pet sitting? 

Services are provided by our team member(s) ONLY. Jessica manages the business remotely and works closely with each and every team member to ensure the best quality of pet sitting services every time!


Each team member we partner with has cleared our background check and is covered by our Kennel Pro Insurance. You will always meet with your pet sitter in advance, prior to accepting any bookings with us, which is why we require a FREE meet-n-greet prior to the first service we provide you with.

What is your service area?

In Wickenburg we serve 10 miles from the center of town (Wickenburg Ranch is included in this radius). 


After 10 miles we charge an additional $1/mile up to 35 miles per trip. We cover Wickenburg, Congress, Morristown, Wittmann, Sun City and Surprise, AZ.  An additional mileage charge maybe waived if the Pet Sitter's residence is within 10 miles of your residence. 

Out of our targeted service area? Contact us so that we can do our best to accommodate your needs. We will provide you a custom quote based on your location.

Why do I have to fill out the client profile, pet profile and all vaccination documents? 

We require you to fill out your client profile, pet profile and upload vaccination documents because we need this information to provide you with the highest quality of service. The more information we have about your pet(s) the higher quality of services we can provide to both you and them! 

How long have you been in business for? 

We launched our business on October 1, 2018.  We are so excited to bring Four Paws Family Pet Sitting to our community and would be truly thrilled to have you join the Four Paws Family!

What will you do if my pet becomes ill while I am away? 

In the event of an emergency, Four Paws Family Pet Sitting will make every attempt to contact the owner, the secondary owner and the emergency contact on file. In the event that no one can be reached, Four Paws Family Pet Sitting will make every attempt to transport the Client pet(s) to the Client’s Veterinarian on record.


However, if your pets primary Veterinarian is not available, Four Paws Family Pet Sitting will transport your pet(s) to the first available veterinary clinic. 

Do you require a deposit for all services? 

Client(s) agree to place all booking requests through the Four Paws Family Pet Sitting online booking platform. Any requests not made through this online booking portal will not be accepted.

All bookings are a first come first serve basis. No bookings will be reserved and confirmed on the schedule without a 20% deposit made by the Client(s) in their client portal. 

Client understands that a 20% deposit of the total payment for all services is required within 48 hours after Four Paws Family Pet Sitting accepts a booking request. If the 20% deposit is not received during this allocated time frame, the booking request will be cancelled. Client acknowledges that the remaining balance of any and all services is due immediately following the completion of the service by Four Paws Family Pet Sitting. 


When is my full payment due?

If you are paying via credit card through our online portal, full payment will be due immediately following the completion of our services. If you do not provide payment of cash/check at completion of service we will automatically charge your credit card on file. Immediately following you will receive your receipt of payment by email.

If you are paying via cash or check, we require payment to be left at your home before you leave (for house sitting/drop-in visits) or given to us when you pick up your dog at our home (for dog boarding/doggie daycare).

Is it ok to allow other people to come into our home during your house sitting services?

We prefer that your home is only occupied by our sitter during our services. (Not scheduling other service appointments such as house cleaning or maintenance during our stay)


For obvious reasons, we cannot be responsible for the home and or pet when you allow others to have access to them throughout any of the duration of our service. Should a problem occur, it could be impossible to prove responsibility.


Therefore, if you do have others coming in and out of your home during this time, it will null and void our insurance. We do this to protect you, your pet(s) as well as the Pet Sitter.


Meet-N-Greet Questions

Meet N Greet Q's

Who is my free meet-n-greet with?

Every zoom consultation will be with Jessica Smith. Every in-person meet-n-greet will be with the team member(s) that would be caring for your pet(s) if you decide to hire us. We pride ourselves on ensuring you know who will be in your home and taking care of your pet(s).  

How can I prepare in advance for my free meet-n-greet?

Meet-N-Greet Preparation

- Set aside an hour to meet with us once the date and time are confirmed. We will confirm the information in your client portal, validate your pet(s) routine and tour your home for a house sit/drop-in visit booking to ensure the Pet Sitter knows where all items are and where they will be staying.

- Have your vaccination records ready so that we can record them or preferably please have these already loaded into your client portal.

- Gather your emergency contact and veterinary information so we can document this important information at the meet-n-greet or preferably please have this information already filled out in your client portal.

- If you decide to hire us, we can go ahead and schedule your first booking with you online and answer any and all questions you might have.

- Gather up the gang and ensure all your pet(s) are present during the meet-n-greet so that they can meet us and/or the Pet Sitter on duty.

- For house sitting/drop-in visit bookings, please have the way you would like us to access your home ready to go regardless if it is a key or a code.

House Sitting?'s

House Sitting/Drop-In Visit Questions

How many hours will my pet sitter be in my home during a House Sit?

14 - 16 hours per day

During a house sit, we stay overnight in your home and are in your home for 14 - 16 hours a day (which includes sleeping). In addition, the Pet Sitter will not leave your pet alone for more than 6-8 hours at any given time.

What can you expect from us while house sitting?

For a more detailed look into what a house sitting night looks like please visit our:




Who will have access to my home? 

The Pet Sitter on duty will be the only ones with access to your home. We will under no circumstance ever allow guests, neighbors or other dog clients into your home while you are away. We pride ourselves on respecting every dish, towel and area of your home at all times during a stay. 

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